Thursday, March 20, 2014

Being trapped in a little town in a huge world

Throughout my life I've always felt as if I was going to be stuck. In this town, with the same people doing the same thing. But all that changed when I got to high school. I started traveling more. These places made me realize everyone has a spot in this world. From The busy life of New York City, and Los Angeles. The enjoyment of  the laid back desert in Sedona, or enjoying the beach in Bermuda. The bright lights and crazy night life of Las Vegas. The fashion capital of the world, Paris. The rich life and skyscrapers of Dubai. San Francisco the perfect spot between the mountains and the beach. Santa Monica, where every night is a beautiful view of the sunset. Ireland with the live music and pubs. To London where you can find royalty. You don't need to feel stuck in one place because you will soon be able to explore and venture into another journey in another spot in the world.

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