Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art x3

I did not enjoy letting go of my art work for some else to change.  I wanted to create my own piece of art from my opinion on the topic and not others.  After the artwork was finished there were 3 different peoples opinions on the same topic in one art piece.  In life people will always have different opinions then you but you cannot always fight them on it, you have to except them for who they are.

Fortune Cookie

One of my fortune cookies said "Your hard work will pay off soon."  While working on this project, I realized, all the time I was spending to obtain good grades is so I will be accepted into a good college.  If I am accepted in a highly regarded college, my chances of landing a job out of school will be better.  I am working hard now so later in life I can reap the benefits and enjoy a good paying job and maybe travel the world.  It might be hard now but it will get easier as time goes on.

Pop Print

I enjoyed creating my pop print of the Ajax bottle. I chose the Ajax bottle because it was bright and had multiple designs going on inside the bottle.  While carving into the stamp you never knew which extra lines would show up when pressed against the paper.  If you did not like the way it printed you were always able to fix the stamp and try again. If you did not like the first print you could throw it out and tweak the stamp and try again.  You can always fix your mistakes with a stamp because they are never permanent.
The mass printing of the same object became boring after awhile.  You could change the colors of the object but it is still the same thing over and over again.  I think this shows that the more you show of something the less of an effect it has overall.